The white wolf ledgend by Wendigo-Killer

A result of my boardom.

Sakura couldn’t sleep. Something was wrong, something was coming. It was just a feeling, but she always followed her feelings. Looking out her window, she saw it. A large white wolf with strange red markings. It was beautiful, so elegant, so graceful. But the moment she looked away… it was gone.

The next morning, during practice, she told Kakashi-sensei about it. He was surprisingly surprised. “Where did you see it?” He asked.

“Outside my room. At the pond.” Sakura replied. “Is there something wrong sensei?”

“No. I want you to tell me if you see it again.” He told her, “Do you understand?”

Sakura nodded. After training, they had a mission. Naruto was as enthusiastic as ever, and Sasuke was… Sasuke. Sakura tailed behind them, still thinking about the wolf. She blinked and saw it running below them. She gasped, and stopped. The others kept going not noticing she’d stopped. The wolf stopped and looked up at her.

Sakura lept down from the trees landing about four feet away from the beast. It looked at her with silver eyes. Follow the white wolf through the forest. There you shall find the fallen angel. A female voice told her telepathically. Then the wolf started to run again.

“Hey… wait!” Sakura yelled following it.

Short I know. But come on I’m board!! R&R please!

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