Unlikely and Unexpected by AlexaAres

A/N: Hi everyone… I am taking a leap of faith, and putting my first ever fanfiction up online for the world to see. I just had too cause I hate the Derek/Kate ship… it’s just…. Wrong.

Anyway… this idea just popped into my head after watching like the fourth episode of Teen wolf, and I rolled with it. I waited a while cause I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like it or not, but eh… whatever.

I am hoping to update weekly, and get it done before school starts (doubtful, but I will try).

Reviews are appreciated, and keep in mind I have a math brain… not English, so as my more English centered friends say you have horrible grammar and punctuation. I will try to have a friend proof read it before I post, but they are about to start school, and life gets busy when that happens.

Oh and an FYI part of this takes place before what happens in Teen wolf. Then at some later point it will follow the teen wolf episodes, though mainly focused on Derek, and with multiple changes.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Derek wasn’t use to being alone. He had always had his sister, up until a few months ago when they argued and split. Derek found her a few days ago, butchered in the woods of their family’s old property. She had been ripped in half, and was left as bait… for him.

He disliked the Argents from the beginning, ever since they had burned down his family’s home. He had confided in an Argent, told one of them their secret, that they were werewolves and look at where it got them… only one survived the fire… if you can call it that. His uncle, now in a mental institute, was the only one to survive. Derek and his sister were at school when it started, and left the moment it was over. They weren’t safe, they were never safe, at least not from the Argents, who followed them everywhere the two went.

In the six years he had been on the run, only once did he ever feel like he was safe, even to the point where he may not have needed his older sister Laura. But Derek should have known better, he was a werewolf and she was… well she wasn’t. He knew it would never work out, but he always hoped that it would.

But that was his first mistake. Nothing normal happens to werewolves, especially one who was born this way. They never stood a chance, he was a fool to think they could be together, let alone trying to hide it from his sister.

Laura had always been over protective ever since the fire, but when she found out Derek had been lying to her two years ago, she never let him out of her sight. Derek had betrayed the one person he relied on, and Laura never forgave him for that. What hurt worse was the fact that he had left, with a shitty goodbye. He just left her without an explanation… Derek wondered now what she thought about him.

He looked down trying to hold back tears. He had messed up, he had messed everything up. He left to go find her, and his sister came home alone to find out what was going on. In doing so she had gotten herself killed, and Derek had come up empty. What if he had been there? Would his sister still be alive? It was all his fault, but now he had a chance to make it right, a chance to avenge his sister’s death.

He walked onto the porch of his family’s old, charred, home. It was dusk, and he decided it would be a good time to run. No one knew he lived out here, and no one would ever find out because it was ‘haunted’. If only they knew that ghosts are the least of this town’s worries.

He was wearing athletic shorts and shoes, but no shirt. It was a hot night during the late summer in California. Derek figured he would run for an hour or so, work off some of this anger that had been welling up inside for a few weeks now.

The air was cool, but it was humid and within a few minutes of starting his run he was already glistening with sweat.

He had heard something rustle in the distance, and he stopped dead in his tracks. He focused on his hearing and sight, his eyes went from the pale green, to a bright ice blue because he was using his werewolf powers. He listened and waited… nothing.

Something still didn’t feel right, so Derek decided it was best to head back to the house. He ran quickly, but not werewolf quick, back to the house. He was breathing heavily as he walked up the steps to the porch, which he paced as a cool down so he wouldn’t cramp. He put his hands on top of his head to increase oxygen intake only to hear what he thought he had heard earlier on his run.

This time he smelled it… he had never smelled anything like this before. He opened his eyes and saw it… a white wolf standing on the edge of the trees that surrounded the house. The wolf stood in line with the steps of the porch, its ears perked and alert. It wasn’t growling, just staring at him, with, Derek realized, two different colored eyes. This white wolf had one blue and one green eye. It was the oddest thing. But in all honesty the whole thing was odd. First of all a wolf in California, second it was pure white, third its eye colors, and lastly that it was there.

Derek stared at the wolf, and tilted his head a little, squinting, wondering if he was hallucinating. The wolf tilted its head the same way, and its eyes showed confusion. Derek was taken aback, he didn’t know what to do. The wolf stopped tilting its head and reared back, letting out a long, lonely howl into the twilight sky.

Derek felt odd, and when he looked down at his hands he noticed they were changing into werewolf claws. In shock, he quickly regained control of himself, but when he looked back up the mysterious white wolf was gone. Derek ran off the porch and looked around, but the wolf was nowhere to be found.

He returned to the house, confused, and bewildered. That wolf was just freaky. Derek thought about the wolf, but chills crawled up his spine when he remembered the eyes. The two different colored eyes, and the look in them were chilling.

Derek shook the feeling away, and walked inside the house, ready for the night to come.

He decided to check his phone for the latest google searches about wolf behavior, to see if there was any explanation for this appearance.

He found nothing about wolves approaching humans, unless they had become familiar with one early on in life. But this wolf seemed wild, and it didn’t come right up to him, so Derek was certain that it had had no human contact.

Perhaps the wolf had mistaken his smell as one of a wolf, and came looking for a pack. It must be a Kerl, a lone wolf, looking for a pack… or a mate. Derek felt the wolf wouldn’t be back though, it was just a onetime thing.

But he was wrong.

The next morning, Derek awoke and walked out onto the porch to stretch. His pajamas consisted of flannel pants, no shoes and no shirt. The air was cool, and there was a slight mist that filled Derek’s nostrils as he took in a deep breath, eyes closed. He smelled the air, with all its different scents, but then Derek smelled something.

The wolf.

His eyes opened, scanning around, trying to see through the mist. He saw movement out of the corner of his eye, and there walking towards him through the mist was the white wolf. This time it ventured farther from the protection of the trees, and thus closer to the house.

Derek still wasn’t sure of what this bizarre wolf wanted. He was unsure of its intentions and of its purpose.

Derek noticed the wolf’s posture this time. Its ears were pulled back, and its eyes were narrowed, but it wasn’t snarling, or growling. Its tail wasn’t tucked between its legs, and its back was straight, not arched. So the wolf was obviously not fearful… yet. It was more like suspicion because its tail was neutral, parallel to the ground, and its back was straight.

Derek decided to go ahead and take a step toward the wolf. He only just stepped off the porch when he noticed the wolf’s tail lower, still not growling, but cautious.

Derek decided to take another step closer, and keep doing so until the wolf showed fear or aggression. He was about twenty feet away from the wolf when it bolted away.

“Damn it!” Derek said in frustration. He was going to find out what this wolf was doing, no matter what.

After a long day, which included not only Scott being as annoying as ever, but also burying his sister, well half of her, next to the house, he was going to make dinner. He hadn’t placed the wolfsbane around her body yet, but he figured he could do that in the morning. He could only take so much. His sister had been everything, and in the two years since he betrayed her, she still hadn’t forgiven him. And now he had no chance at redemption.

He was in the kitchen making a sandwich, and he grabbed an ice cold beer. He needed some alcohol to calm his racing mind. And although alcoholic beverages don’t work on werewolves quite like they do to humans, it helped when consumed in large quantities.

Derek came out from the kitchen and made his way into the entry way so he could go into the living room to finish eating. He was about to walk into the living room, when he felt a cool air hit him. He turned around to find the front door open, and the white wolf sitting in the doorway.

Derek was so surprised he dropped his beer onto the floor, which broke when it hit. The wolf didn’t stir though. Derek was unsure of what to do. Derek was trying to figure out what to do when the wolf got up and began to slowly make its way over to him. It was a curious approach, so Derek crouched down, but the wolf stopped abruptly.

Derek decided to try and coax the wolf to him, “It’s okay, I’m not gonna hurt you.”

The wolf seemed to relax with those words, and began to walk closer again. The wolf was about two feet away when Derek raised his hand to pet it, but the wolf jerked back.

“Sorry,” Derek said realizing his mistake. He kept his hand up though this time so the wolf could smell it.

The wolf moved a little closer to Derek’s hand, stuck its neck out just far enough, and began to sniff Derek’s hand. The wolf’s nose was cold and wet against Derek’s hand. Then the wolf slowly moved it’s body closer, and then began to sniff up Derek’s arm.

It wasn’t long until the wolf was sniffing at Derek’s shoulder, then up his neck. Derek closed his eyes and held his breath, he still was unsure of what the wolf wanted. The wolf moved up a little farther, and Derek could hear the wolf sniffing directly over his ear. Then Derek felt something he hadn’t expected, a wet sandpapery tongue was licking his cheek. It began to tickle so he smiled and began to laugh a little.

He sat down and the wolf followed his face as it continued to lick his face.

“Alright that’s enough,” Derek said, still laughing a little. He began to push the wolf’s face away but the wolf snarled at him. The wolf’s eyes soon turned from anger to that of perhaps, apology.

Derek’s hands were up, like he was being arrested by the cops, and the wolf nudged its head into one of them. Derek slowly began to pet it, its fur was so soft, almost like silk. After a few moments of petting, the wolf rolled onto its back, and Derek was surprised to see it warm up to him so quickly. He began to rub its stomach.

It was then that Derek realized it was a girl. He got back into a crouch and the wolf got up too, and sat there staring up into Derek’s eyes. He gently grabbed the wolf’s face, and began to pet it a little as he took his first good look into the wolf’s two different colored eyes.

The green one was so fierce, but the blue one was very light and piercing. The blue eye seemed so familiar, and then he realized it reminded him of her. He couldn’t look into the wolf’s blue eye any longer, and tears began to well up in his eyes.

The wolf seemed to understand. She began to whimper and gently began to lick his cheek again.

“Thanks girl,” Derek said wiping the tears from his eyes as he scratched the top of her head.

“So… what now?” Derek said still stunned by what had just happened.

Derek was surprised as the wolf ran around the house sniffing around. Derek tried to follow her but she was just too quick. Derek started to wonder if the wolf had left, when he felt something nudge him on the back of his knee. Derek jumped, and turned only to see the wolf, with something in its mouth. “What is that?” Derek said reaching for the object in the wolf’s mouth.

A semi-wet tennis ball dropped into Derek’s hand. He looked at it. It was partially charred, he realized it must have been from the fire six years ago. They had a german shepherd back then, Max was his name. Derek loved Max, they were such an amazing duo… always getting into trouble. He smiled at the thought.

But just as the rest of his world was torn away from him, so too was his best bud Max. He squeezed the tennis ball, nearly crushing it in his hand from rage, but again the feel of a soft fur coat against his hand calmed him down.

“Sorry,” Derek said petting the wolf with his free hand.

The wolf barked, and motioned its head toward the door.


The wolf came at Derek with lightning speed. Its mouth opened as if to bite Derek’s hand. He backed away, only to have the wolf bite the tennis ball out of his hand. The wolf made its way to the door once more, turned, and sat down. It motioned outside a few times, and then got up and trotted away.

“Alright,” Derek said to himself, completely baffled by the wolf’s strange behavior.

Derek walked outside, to find the wolf waiting for him in the front yard. Its eyes looked large and wanting, like a puppy, not like the large wild wolf that it was.

Derek approached the white wolf, and reached out to take the tennis ball from the wolf’s mouth. But the wolf bent down low to the ground, with its butt up in the air. Derek thought it might be cowering, but the wolf seemed to be playing with him. The wolf leapt from side to side as Derek tried to grab the ball from her.

Derek eventually began to chase the wolf around the yard. He began to smile, and realized that he was actually having fun for the first time in years. He hadn’t had this much fun since… well since he was with her.

After a short while Derek gave an exasperated sigh, and plopped down on the ground, pretending he was dead. The wolf, out of curiosity or worry, slowly trotted over to Derek, and began sniffing him with her cold, wet nose.

“BOO!” Derek shouted as the wolf jumped in surprise. He grabbed for the tennis ball and got a good hold. He shook the ball, and the wolf’s head followed suit. Soon the wolf let go, and Derek had the ball now.

He taunted the wolf, making quick motions like he was going to throw it. Once the wolf was almost at the point of annoyance, Derek reeled back and chucked the ball across the yard. The white wolf bolted to go catch it. Derek watched in amazement at the grace and agility the wolf had.

She didn’t catch the ball in the air, but soon had the bouncing ball back in her mouth and was sprinting back to Derek.

The white wolf was so excited that she accidentally ran past Derek, and had to turn and run back. She dropped the slobbery ball into Derek’s out stretched had.

“Again?” Derek asked.

The wolf stood anxiously for the ball to be thrown. Every time Derek moved the wolf twitched, just waiting for the ball to be thrown.

“Alright…” Derek said as he wound up and threw the ball as hard as he could.

A/N: You will learn more about what happened two years ago between Derek and Laura, and why they argued and split up, and who this mysterious her is.

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