The White Wolf and his Jewel by The Only Love For Soujiro Seta

Hi, meet the wonderful world of fantasy, adventure and love.

Summary: A white shinny wolf lived in the forest all alone. His family was killed when there was a fire on the other side. His family guard the forest, but now once they were gone the white wolf at to it him self. But he doesn’t know he was supposed to protect it. And once his duty was not recognized the darkness that forest held came forth and spread through out the land. What will this brave wolf do to keep the darkness in the dark of the tress?

The White Wolf and his Jewel

Chapter 1 (I’ll try)

A small girl, at the age of 4 came running from one direction then turning the other way. From far away all you could see is her just running and having a good time. The dead grass coming up to her just below her shoulders. Her cheerful screams and laughs filled the deadly of monsters’ ears, but none bothered her. As long as she don’t do anything else they won’t try anything.

From far away you could see the girl suddenly fall to the ground with a loud scream. And from above the grass you could see a white tail wagging.

“Stop puppy! Stop! HAHA!” The girl laughed. As much as the puppy wanted to continue to give her joy; he stopped and sat up. At this you could see just what the monster was torturing the girl with tickles.

The girl sat up and patted the pup in the head before standing up and giving it a loud ‘kiss’ on his head. If dogs could smile; this puppy was smiling up to the heavens.

“Kaoru! Kaoru come on!”

The little girl turned to see her father wave his hand to come to him. “OK” she waved back. She heard the puppy whine and gave it a smile. She put her hands on her knees and leaned down to be face to face with it. “Don’t worry puppy I’ll ask my Daddy to see if you can come and stay with us.” It whined again and she gave it a sympathetic smile and patted its head again “I’ll come tomorrow and tell if you can come with us and stay with us” she said with a grin.

That made the puppy wag its tail again, but a little faster. Its silver fur brushed passed her, as it gave its best puppy dog look. “Don’t worry” she reassured again. She began walking away as she waved bye to it. When she got to her father she turned back to see it still there and with its yellow eyes pouring into hers. She waved again and laughed as it howled.

“Is that a new friend?” her father asked.

“Yup” she beamed up at him. The puppy howled until you could no longer see them anymore. And when it turned to dusked it went into the forest to rest up for tomorrow.

It was going to be a big day for the both of them.

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