The White Wolf by Lynx Gunning

:psychotic laughter: I haven’t had breakfast this morning, so needless to say, I’m a bit on the insane side, ja? Yeehaw!!

Summary: {Takes place right after Vegeta gets his butt kicked by Goku:sniff:} Bulma is saved from a pack of street dogs by an oddly familiar black wolf. The wolf is horribly injured in the fight, so Bulma takes him home to heal him. But, this mysterious black wolf has a deeper secret, that changes Bulma’s life forever.

Disclaimer: Uh huh. . . what makes you think that some country music-loving seventh grader whose friend’s claim she needs therapy would own something like DBZ? That’s what I thought, too.

____________________________________________________________________________ _____________

The rain was coming down hard, making visibility about zero. Bulma never saw the feral dogs in the alley that she passed, and she didn’t even hear their growls until it was too late.

At the sound of the deep snarls and barks, Bulma turned to see a giant Rottweiler lunging at her, jaws open wide. She was too scared to even scream for help, she just stood petrified, glued to the spot. At the last second, however, a silent black shape crashed into the Rott’s ribs, sending it crashing into the brick wall with a sickening crack. the black creature landed lightly in front of Bulma and whirled on the three dogs that were with the Rott, snarling and growling.

The first feral dog to challenge the Shadow was a silver gray Siberian Husky. The Husky rushed the Shadow and leaped for its shoulder. The Shadow jumped over the Husky and tumbled onto the sidewalk behind it, ragaining its footing in seconds. Before the Husky could react, the Shadow lunged forward, grabbing the thick ruff of fur of the Husky’s neck. The Shadow and the dog spun circles round each other, the Shadow digging its fangs deeper into the Husky’s neck and the Husky clamping its jaws shut on air. Soon the Husky fell from blood loss, and the Shadow turned to greet the next challenger: a Bloodhound. The Bloodhound couldn’t match the Shadow’s speed, and was quickly disposed of in the same fashion as the Husky.

All this time Bulma had backed up only about six feet. The sight of the Shadow’s unorthadox fighting was captivating.

After the Bloodhound came a Golden Retriever-Rough Collie mix. The Shadow’s feet slipped a bit on the pools of blood and the Golden Collie took the chance to close its jaws on the Shadow’s ear then the shoulder. The Shadow managed to break free, but blood was streaming down its right shoulder and the right side of its face. Behind the Golden Collie was a small terrier of indiscernible pedigree. The small dog ran yelping into the night, not wanting to tangle withe the Shadow in case its companion fell. The distraction worked well, and the Shadow lunged for the Golden Collie’s throat, hitting the mark and breaking the jugular. The Golden Collie fell beside its pack members.

The continuous loss of blood caused the Shadow to falter and crumple down underneath the streetlight Bulma was standing under. The Shadow, in fact, was an incredibly large black wolf, his red eyes dimming as the life left him slowly. Bulma looked back over her shoulder. Right behind her was home, and she decided to repay the wolf by healing him.

Bulma carried the wolf as best she could up to CC and through the front door. Without taking off her jacket or boots or anything, she stumbled into the med lab with the wolf, setting it down on the metal table. She threw off the jacket and boot as quickly as possible and ran about the room grabbing gauze and antibiotics. She never noticed the wolf watching her intently, a slight grin, if you could call it that, forming on its lips.

The wolf didn’t protest any when Bulma wrapped its injured shoulder with gauze after applying a stinging antiseptic. She did her best to wrap the ear up, which had been torn to ribbons. The wolf slowly drifted off to sleep as soon as the procedure was completed, breathing heavily.

Carrying the wolf into her bedroom and laying it on her bed, Bulma thought, *What would a wolf be doing in the city? And why did it save me?* She looked at the wolf carefully, then smiled slightly. *Why did :he: save me?*

After changing out of the sopping wet clothes and into a thin nightshirt and matching silken pants, Bulma climbed onto the bed beside the wolf. She noticed for the first time the strange tuft of fur that seemed to stick out every which way on the wolf’s head. Stroking the wolf’s silky fur, Bulma said, almost to the wolf himself, “I think I’ll call you Shadow.”

The wolf breathed deeply. “I would appreciate it if you didn’t,” he said quietly.

Bulma sat up, straight and rigid. “Y-you talk!?”

“Of course I talk. What? Do the wolves of Earth not talk?”

The wolf’s voice sounded familiar. Too familiar. “You. . . you’re not from Earth?”

“Hmmmmm,” the wolf said, as if he was thinking. “No. I’m Saijin.”

*Saijin!? But, the only Saijins on Earth that I know of are Goku and that damned Vegeta! Oh no!* Bulma looked at the wolf’s now open eyes. There was a laughing expression to them, one of gratefulness even, but those eyes were unmistakable. “No. . . y-you’re. . . Vegeta, aren’t you?”

The wolf grinned. “Well, aren’t we clever?” He struggled to sit up, favoring his right leg. Looking at his injured leg, he sighed. “Damn dogs. You’re lucky I was there. They would’ve killed you.”

Bulma backed up a foot or so, then she stopped. “Why?”

“Huh?” Vegeta looked at her curiously, his black nose twitching.

“Why did you save me?”

Vegeta shook his head to settle the fur on his neck. “You won’t believe me, but-” The doorbell cut him off. He stared disdainfully at the door as Bulma jumped up and threw on one of her windbreakers she had carelessly thrown on a nearby chair. Vegeta hopped off the bed backwards to avoid putting any stress on his leg and limped after Bulma.

Going down the stairs presented a problem, and Bulma already had the door open by the time Vegeta reached the fifth step down. He stopped to look at a picture of Bulma and Yamcha on the wall and growled in spite of himself. When he went to continue down the stairs, he tripped himself up and went rolling down the rest of the stairs, yelping. He got lucky, and Bulma caught him before he reached the floor.

Bulma carried him cradled in her arms on his back like a baby into the living room, where Yamcha happened to be sitting on the couch taking his wet shoes off. Vegeta’s eyes narrowed.

Yamcha looked up and saw the giant black dog in Bulma’s arms and said, “When did you get a dog?”

Vegeta sneered and licked Bulma’s face. It was all Bulma could do to keep from dropping him, and instead set him down carefully. He stood a few inches above her waist.

Yamcha got up to give Bulma a kiss, but Vegeta snarled at him, fangs bared and hackles raised, and all that night Yamcha couldn’t get within three feet of Bulma, unless he wanted his hand bit off.

It turned out that the storm had grown too bad for Yamcha to continue all the way home, and he instead stopped at CC. The three of them stayed up late, but eventually, Yamcha fell asleep in a large recliner, and Bulma laid down on the couch, too tired to climb the stairs. Vegeta lay like he was Bulma’s personal doggy blanket with his hed resting on her chest. He watched the rain fall steadily for another hour, but soon fell asleep himself.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bulma woke up an hour or more before dawn to find Yamcha gone and Vegeta sleeping peacefully, his tail wagging slightly. He didn’t look dangerous when he was asleep. In fact, he looked like a :very: big, helpless puppy. She ran her fingers through his long, thick fur, watching it glimmer violets and blues and silvers in the moonlight.

*Why :did: he save me?* Bulma thought again. *And now what am I going to do with him? I can’t throw him out on the streets. He’ll die! Oh. . . why do I even care!?* She thought back to the night before, seeing Vegeta risk his life against those feral dogs to save hers. *He came out of nowhere! It was almost like he. . . :followed: me home.*

Vegeta’s eyes open a little, just enough to see Bulma’s face. “Do you really believe who I am?” He asked quietly. Bulma nodded, but there was a hesitation in her reply. “You falter. I’ll prove it to you.” Vegeta lifted his body a few inches from hers, and his entire body glowed a crimson red. The light blurred and reshaped itself. When the glow faded, Bulma saw Vegeta’s true form leaning over her, the only thing left of his armor was the torn remains of pants.

Bulma gasped quietly, to scared to move or say anything. She shrank back, but didn’t get far. “Please. . . don’t hurt me,” she pleaded.

Vegeta shook his head. “Do you think I would? You rescued me. You could’ve left me out in the rain to die, but you didn’t.” He sat back and looked at the recliner. “He left?” When there was no reply from Bulma, he said, “Good. I don’t like him.” His eyes narrowed. “There’s something. . . not right about him. His smell when he was around you. Dishonesty. I can’t pinpoint it, but that was definate. Dishonesty.”

“What do you mean?” Bulma demanded, anger replacing fear.

“That’s just it. I don’t know :what: I mean,” Vegeta answered helplessly. He gave her an oddly understanding look. “Why are you angry with me?”

“You tricked me!” Bulma screamed at him. “You pretended to be some good Samaratin dog to get in here!”

“Hardly,” Vegeta muttered. “I saved you. Plain and simple. No strings attached.”

“But why?”

“Why? I told you. You wouldn’t believe,” Vegeta said casually. He caught the look Bulma threw him. “On second thought. . . you caught my eye out on the streets, so I followed you. I was hoping to find someone who would give me a place to stay until it was safer for me. That was all it was. But when I saw those dogs. . . I got too emotionally involved, as the government would put it.”

“Too emotionally involved?” Bulma said it practically to herself. “Does that mean you cared for me as more than just a meal ticket?”

Vegeta nodded. “Close,” he hinted.

Bulma’s eyes grew wider. “I think I understand. But. . . how can I trust you? You tried to kill my boyfriend, my friends, and countless other people I most likely will never even know!”

“Because I know now that they weren’t the ones I’m angry with,” Vegeta said calmly.

*He’s so calm,* Bulma thought. *He’s nothing like he was on television! He doesn’t seem like a crazed maniac anymore! Maybe, he’s right. . .*

“I know I shouldn’t ask, but. . . can I still stay?”

“Well. . . my parents won’t be home for two weeks, so there’s nobody to stop me from saying. . . yes. You can stay. But, you have to pull your own weight around here, and if any of my friends come, you have to change into your wolf form. And don’t be mean to them. They might get suspicious.”

Vegeta nodded. “Alright. Fine with me.” He stared at her with an emotionless expression that sent a shiver down Bulma’s spine. “One more thing. . .”

Bulma didn’t have the chance to ask “What?” because Vegeta was already kissing her. It was obvious to Bulma that there was nothing innocent about Vegeta’s intentions, and she was right yet again.

____________________________________________________________________________ _____________

Well? Bleh. . . it’s bad, I know. But, what can you expect from a psychopath like me? Hehe. . .

Okey dokers. . . the next chapter jumps ahead a year (?) later, when the gang is on Namek. Funness!

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