Tales of the White Wolf: Not in Temeria Anymore by Deadly Iris

Hey, what’s up everybody? Long time, no see, huh? Well I’ve put When She Bites on hold to focus on another project of mine. This is that project. Recently I’ve been playing a lot of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and I’ve also been watching The Witcher 2 cut scenes and walkthroughs. I even downloaded a Witcher race mod for Oblivion so that I could play as a Witcher in Oblivion. Then a thought occurred to me: A Witcher in the world of Oblivion‚Ķ.how would that work? How would Geralt of Rivia, the famous “White Wolf” fit into a world where many different races lived together? Where an ever-growning threat from a Deadric god was on the horizon? Well, I’ve heavily considered this and took time to study the world of Oblivion as I played through the game again as well as study Geralt as a Witcher and as a person. I hope to present Geralt as the Witcher we all know and love and successfully integrate him into Cryodill. Note: I have never played any of The Witcher games; all my knowledge comes from YouTube and the official The Witcher Wikipedia page. Also, you may not understand the beginning unless you have successfully completed The Witcher 2 or have watched the ending.

Without further ado, I present: “Not in Temeria Anymore”

Behold our hero: subjected to mutations and rigorous sword and sorcery training as a child, he has become a superhuman monster slayer. Always penniless and often disdained by those whom he protects, he wanders the world seeking work. Fate has little mercy for him, piling obstacles in his way, yet he trudges on. He has more scruples than a beggaring bum has fleas. Doubts haunt him even when a band of ruffians, knives drawn, approaches him on the highway. Is he a good man? I do not think so. Does he try to maintain his humanity? I believe he does.

You must know that Geralt of Rivia died once already, or at least everyone thought him dead. During a massacre in Rivia, he sought to defend nonhumans and fell to overwhelming odds. Placed in a boat, he floated into the mist, into a realm where he finally found peace. Not for long. Because of forces to mentioned later, Geralt returned just in time do defend the witchers’ ancient home fortress, and then embarked on a mission to recover the secrets stolen from it. Along the way he took part in a Scoia’tael uprising, shattered a powerful criminal organization, and killed the Grand Master of the Order of the Flaming Rose. All the while his fame as a lover grew. Well, that’s Geralt for you. As if all this wasn’t enough, he then foiled the attempted assassination of King Foltest of Temeria and became one of the monarch’s most trusted men.

Now take another look at our hero; beaten, bruised, and in shackles. If you saw him now you would doubt that this was the man I just described. If this day had a title, Geralt would most likely describe this as “one of the worst days of my life.” He had been treated as hero 5 days ago, now here he was rotting in an Imperial prison, serving punishment for a crime even he didn’t know he committed. But maybe I’ve jumped ahead too far, eh? Let’s rewind to those 5 days ago in Temeria‚Ķ

And that’s the prologue! What do you think? I know it’s kind of short but sweet and to the point. So how did Geralt exactly end up in an Imperial prison in Cyrodill anyway? I guess you’ll have to wait till the next chapter. Reviews are loved. Constructive criticism is welcome.

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